Monday, July 16, 2012

Habitude One - H2O

Habitude One ~ Water

You may remember I wrote about Habitude One here.

Water is truly a gift of life.
Literally. We know that we can survive without food for a few days if we're lost in a forest, but without water...yikes, that's not a happy ending.  Having made it through my 'nanna bladder' phase where I basically camped out in front of the toilet for 3 days, I got to a great stage where I not only could drink water without needing to go piddle, but I was actually craving it. I CHOSE (yes, you read that right) water over Coca-Cola several times...and the sky didn't cave in. I'm pretty certain Coke's share price took a huge nose dive those few weeks!

So I am disappointed
with myself for stopping the water consumption, especially as I'll no doubt have to go through the freakin' Nanna  Bladder stage again, sheesh!  But I am looking forward to enjoying the clear pure brew again, and have shared a few of my favourite water bottles with you below  (most of which I do not own - hellllloooooo sponsors, lol) I love to recycle and try to reduce my footprint slightly by using a reusable water bottle.  My favourites have wide openings so that I can pour in crushed ice directly from the fridge dispenser.  

Reduce 'Water for the Week' Grab & Go 5 Day Water Bottle Sets

Adorbs. Love the pretty designs. They also have a great range for kids with more kid friendly designs and a smaller 290ml size.  Personally I sometimes love to carry just a teensy bottle with me (a full bottle of ice water can get heavy lugging it around all day). I also like to have a couple of bottles on standby so I can just grab and go.  BPA-free, tough and durable plastic, dishwasher safe, 470ml.

321 Water

I loved these bottles, they were under patent last I heard, but now I can't seem to find an existing link for them anymore? They were a little ex-y but full points for design of the filtration system. That's one sexy drink bottle.  


Love the huge variety of designs from Sigg. A little pricey for my regular budget, but would be nice to own a few, especially as I like to colour coordinate my drink bottle with my wardrobe (what? you don't do that too? Well just add it to my long list of harmless quirks, ha).

Kelan Kanteen

Kute as all get up (ah ha, see what I did there?)

Life Factory

Glass drink bottles covered in silicone. I WANT ONE OF THESE PLEASE SANTA. Turquoise, thank you. Also a little pricey, I obviously have good taste! At about $40 per bottle I would hope the glass is well protected in its protrective coat. Love the wide lip and handle.

Smash Drink Bottles

Last, but by no means least are the Smash brand of bottle (these ones are similar from Officeworks). Unfortunately I couldn't find a photo of the bottle, and the ones I own and love are flip tops (that have an awesome seal and don't leak).  I'm not the biggest fan of these pop up type of lids.  Hate, hate, hate a leaking water bottle. However, the Smash bottles look very similar.  I have three different sizes in three different colours.  Wide enough to add ice and at about $8 each, more in line with my regal budget.

Let me know
if you have a preferred drink bottle that you're currently using, or have used that you could recommend. Because mine get so much use, and taken everywhere, they do take a bit of a battering, needing replacement fairly often. 

I'll leave you
with a few water-themed sayings that I feel are quite apt today.  I've been feeling like A FISH OUT OF WATER this past few weeks since I dropped the habitudes.  It's like YOU'RE IN HOT WATER when you know you are doing the wrong things, but you can't stop.  YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER BUT YOU CAN;T MAKE HIM DRINK - well her in my case. I can be told time and again that things are good for me, but it doesn't always mean I'm going to do them.  YOUR'E SKATING ON THINK ICE here Kyles, you've only got so many chances to get this all right.  But...the past two weeks IS WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE now, I need to move on.  SWIM WITH THE TIDE so I dont' drown.  There was one more STILL WATERS RUN DEEP, but i'm not bright enough to figure out how to put that one in the mix ;-) 

Oh, whilst googling images for drink bottles,
I came across these little beauties.  How good are they? I suppose if it all gets a little hard, I could just go the icy shot glass route.  Might even have to award myself with some of these if I can make it through all my habitudes.  Actually. Damn it. I've just decided I'm going to try to award myself with small gifts along the way.  My first self-award will be my favourite drink bottle above. I will put a few pennies away each week, and buy one soon. Yay me. xx

With much love and consistency
Ta ta for now, Kylee


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