Monday, December 13, 2010

Cash Cow

Collins English Dictionary describes ‘a product or acquisition that produces a steady flow of cash...’.  The slang dictionary (must get me one of those) further describes ‘a dependable source of money;  a good investment’.  Wikipedia goes on to explain that ‘a “cash cow” is also used sarcastically by sales and business people to describe a customer or organisation that has no control over its spending; quite often used to describe a business where spending is out of proportion to the services or goods received.’ 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Something smells in the bloomin' flower business

Something smells in the beautiful world of floristry...and it ain't roses!

My handsome 16 year old drummer boy son is going to a formal. Not his, that was last year. And I'm pretty sure he'll have another for when he's in Year 12 next year. No, he's been invited to accompany a beautiful sweet young thing to her formal. So, this year I figure we (and by 'we' I actually mean 'I') will learn from the mistakes of last year when shock, horror, we didn't get first gorgeous sweet young thing a corsage.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello hello.

Perhaps not as monumental as Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon, but so begin my first steps into the blog-o-sphere. In all honesty this wasn't my first choice for spruiking my opinions and my wares. I had a web page that I really, really liked...alas I can no longer afford said web page and have decided (albiet without any other choice) that this blog will have to suffice. But I'm sure it'll be super!

I'll attempt to figure out all the thing-imy-doo-dads and gidgets to make this page aesthetically pleasing as well as entertaining to read. Enjoy! Feed back is appreciated as long as it's kind (I have not developed a thick enough skin for anything less). I hope you will follow my blog and encourage others to do the same. Cheerio for now. Kylee xox