Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello hello.

Perhaps not as monumental as Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon, but so begin my first steps into the blog-o-sphere. In all honesty this wasn't my first choice for spruiking my opinions and my wares. I had a web page that I really, really liked...alas I can no longer afford said web page and have decided (albiet without any other choice) that this blog will have to suffice. But I'm sure it'll be super!

I'll attempt to figure out all the thing-imy-doo-dads and gidgets to make this page aesthetically pleasing as well as entertaining to read. Enjoy! Feed back is appreciated as long as it's kind (I have not developed a thick enough skin for anything less). I hope you will follow my blog and encourage others to do the same. Cheerio for now. Kylee xox


  1. Hi Kylee,

    Welcome to blog land. Enjoy. NIce to have you join our little family.

  2. Thanks Kas, I am often at the rear end of the bandwagon. I do enjoy your blog "The Diary of Smudge, Spider and their pet human". I wish you well with your wonderful vision for an animal oasis. K xx


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