Thursday, April 4, 2013


“Light is more important than the lantern,

The poem more important than the notebook” 

So, what does one do when they are having trouble finding an appropriate full time job, and worrying about having enough money to register the car next week...spend every last penny on tissue paper and paper lanterns, duh!

Not one to sit idle (well, except at the pond with a good book, or the paper in bed on a weekend morning, or doing the Sudoku super puzzle from the Sunday Telegraph, hmm, there is a pattern of idleness here. Disregard) I figured I may as well put my creative urges to good uses.  What does this look like?

Allow me to present to family room. Now Lantern Central!

They're multiplying like rabbits and have now taken over the lounge room.  But I'm loving them silly! People have been offering very flattering feedback via Instagram and Facebook.  At this stage I only plan to sell them at the Hall Market on Sunday 7 April (10am - 3pm for anyone wanting to come along).  But may look in to seeing if further demand is required.  The main problem I can see is with distribution.  The lantern starts out flat.  Until I add upwards of 400 individual 12 x 12 cm or 15 x 15 cm tissue squares with the hot glue gun.  Then those mofos aren't too happy to be squished back into a disc again.  (I did try on one, but the 'fluff' factor was compromised. That will not do.)  I am making a couple of kits available for those creative little kids who wish to have a go at home for fun (ha ha ha, fun. If four hours of cutting, scrunching, gluing and zhuzhing is your idea of fun!).  I'm up to 29 lanterns...the novelty has warn off some what!

They range in size from little cute ones, to big-arsed huge ones.  I'm secretly hoping I wont' sell the pink one above, because I would love to see that one in my bedroom.  My only concern is if  and how these babies will be transported to the market.  I have managed to somehow wrangle the support of my beautiful teens on the day.  Thankfully they both drive, so we'll have 3 cars to gently fill with fluffy balls.  Will be an interesting view for the passerby - especially the Holden Astra with 8-foot-eleventy teenage son in it, surrounded by pretty fluffy creatings. Lol-ing as I write this.

Will also be selling my beloved Sunny Daze bags on the day.  I still get a thrill using these bags for my grocery shop, and especially if I see someone else with one.  I try very hard not to stalk them and ask them where they got it, or if they LURVE it as much as I do :-)  So fingers crossed for a successful market on Sunday.  I was hoping to sell my soy melts there as well, but I think I will be struggling for time to get a new batch made.  I've got some magnets left over from my earlier market at Lanyon Market Place in February, so I'll take those as well.  If all else fails, I guess I'll have a house full of pretty freakin' lanterns come Monday. Silver linings people, silver linings.

“Faith means living with uncertainty - feeling your way through life,

letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark” 

Cheerio blog readers.  If you can't make it to Hall to say 'hey', I'll try and post a few updates on the day on the facebook page, so pop on over and like our page here. Thanks.  Hope you all had a lovely Easter long weekend, and hope to hear what you guys have been up to.


  1. It seems one can never have too many paper Pom poms hanging. They look fantastic.

  2. Why thank you Claire, I do so agree. Problem is I may already have a secret stash of ten lanterns hanging in my bedroom...29 more would make me the lantern equivalent of the cat lady hoarder! I think my favourite part of the day is going to be watching in amusement my gorgeous almost 19 yo son spruiking fluffy bright lanterns. Have you ever?

  3. I love them too! Have just checked my map to see where you are but somewhere near Canberra I think aeons away from me on the Sunshine Coast.

    You are talented and what a great way to spend your time.

  4. Hi Annabel (Love ya, thanks for checking out the website and facey page).

    Your information source is correct. I'm a Geelong girl living in our beautiful nation's capital. If you saw Hall on the map, drive south about 50 kms and I live near Tharwa. Very pretty place, just missing one thing...a beach! My lovely sister lives on the Sunshine Coast, but I haven't been up since 2009. Hopefully will get back up there again soon.

    Cheers Kylee


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