Sunday, January 10, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

This photo is a snippet from my Saturday afternoon.  One week and three days in to a brand new year.  I know a lot of people aren't so keen, but I quite like a brand new year. To me, it's like a do-over, a second-chance if you will (if the previous year wasn't so fab), or a fresh start (when tackling something major in your life), A new year to me, offers new hope and opportunity, and I love that for my brain it's effectively the blackboard equivalent of wiping the slate clean.

I have to confess, 2015 was not too shabby for little ol' me. Which we will all agree is a welcome improvement on some of my past few years (documented in all its ugly glory on the blog).  I am humbled to say since we last conversed
  • My beautiful parents celebrated their 50 year wedding anniversary
  • We sang happy birthday to my mother for her 70th youthful years
  • Celebrated my son's 21st birthday and watch him bloom into the most beautiful man I know
  • I purchased my first investment property in Queensland
  • Renovated 1/2 my house (there's still a 1/2 to's a work in progress)
  • Purchased a super cute new SUV
  • Spent many quality moments with family;
  • Gained a permanent position at my workplace
  • Had an ex-boyfriend-Free-Year; and
  • Was gifted the Renovating for Profit course - by the divine Cherie Barber herself
 Big, people.  All big moments in isolation. Monumentally huge as a 14-month period.

'Extraordinarily grateful' doesn't quite seem adequate. Blessed and inspired, yearning to share the bounty, and humbled by such good fortune.  Whilst there have been some downs, quite heavy ones, the ebbs and flows of life continue to provide the roller coaster ride that provides a healthy stable balance in life.  The ying and the yang. The good with the bad.  The ups with the downs.  But honestly, slightly grateful that the ups have had a stronger foray, and played a larger role in the story of my life recently, So there you have it! A quick 350 word summary of life for boomerangjane on the starting line of 2016.  Let the games begin! :-)

The past 14 months in pixels