Thursday, December 31, 2015

[waving like a lunatic]

How's it going? After 3 whole years since my last blog post, I don't actually expect any of you to be sitting there waiting in anticipation for me to post.   THREE! How the heck did that happen?  Quite easily, it turns out, ha. Life can certainly get in the way of best laid plans.  But I think I needed a bit of a break from writing.  All those posts about my feelings, blah blah, bleh bleh. Enough to make me sick of myself.

I have been having the itch/the urge to want to write again.  I figured I would make it one of my goals for 2016.  And what better way to get a head start, than to get in a cheeky little post in 2015. And yeah, within the last 5 hours of the calendar year no less.  #procrastinator goals

I am not going to actively advertise my re-entry into the blogosphere as yet.  Feel like I need to shake off a few cobwebs and give this old brain of mine a grease and oil change. (Note to self, book car in for service next month)

I have no real direction at this stage as to where the blog may go. I might like it to sit here, all humble and shy, and just remain a semi-public diary of my rather ordinary life.  Or, I may steer the direction more toward some of my wonderful new interests and adventures into interior design and real estate. I am not shy about saying I am a Cherie Barber wanna be.  She is a beautiful person (inside and out) and one of my role models. She inspires me to 'just do it' like a good Nike ad. She is crazy generous with her knowledge, time and wealth.  And I feel blessed to be her main tulip provider.*

I have others who inspire me, and have actually had a large hand in helping me achieve some pretty massive air-punching goals in 2015.  Would be nice to show a bit of love to those folks on here.  Or...I may just use this as my own personal space once again to share my feelings. I know, feelings are so 2013. Snore. But I gots lots of them! Aaaaand they need an outlet.  It seems my genetic make up as well as my creative nature lends itself to making me one of THOSE people...emotional. :-)

Wishing anyone out there a very happy New Year and a fabulous 2016.  If there is anyone still out there, I give you permission to get up and go do something more fun now. 3 years is a long time to wait. I thank you. But by golly you must be thirsty, or in need of the bathroom. Please, go. I have faith you'll return.  Till next year. Cheerio Kylee oxo

* Tulips happen to be one of Cherie's favourite flowers.