Sunday, June 12, 2011

Competiton Give Away


As a way to celebrate 200 likers on the boomerang jane facebook page, I would like to offer a small give away of the Sunny Daze reusable shopping bag.  As you can see from the beautiful photo above taken by the lovely Leanne over at Deep Fried Fruit, the bags are quite unique in their appearance.

Everyone likes to be conscientious when they do their weekly, fortnightly (like me), (or monthly as per Deep Fried Fruit) grocery shop.  We are all aware of the damage that single-use plastic bags are doing to the environment,  and as a small but meaningful show of support using a reusable shopping bag goes a long way to helping the planet at large.

All you have to do to enter is follow me here at boomerangjane21 and leave a comment letting me know that you are interested in winning a set of two gorgeously bright, Sunny Daze shopping bags (RRP $13.90 plus p&h - I will pay p&h to the winner).  If the winner lives overseas, I will send one bag (RRP $6.95 plus p&h - which again, I will gleefully pay).  If you are already a follower on the blog, all you have to do is leave a comment.

Feel free to comment on colour and design suggestions you'd like to see for future bags in the boomerang jane reusable shopping bag range.  Anything to brighten up the dull chore of grocery shopping, right?  Just as it takes a real man to wear pink, men can happily use these bags for their own shopping needs, or leave a comment suggesting more masculine designs.

The bags are quality tested by Daisy the cat and Rebel the dog (borrowed thanks to Terri over at Footprint EcoStore where she's is being eaten alive by her other 'puppy').  Although I can promise the winner that their bags will be unsat on by the cat!

So...boring competition bits
Competition opens 6pm Sunday 12 June 2011 and
closes at 6pm Sunday 19 June 2011(or as close to that time thereafter that I remember!)
There will be a couple of bags up for grabs.  At the very least one set of two for a winner in Australia, or one bag for an overseas winner.  If I receive far more comments than I expect, making me feel extraordinarily popular, I might just throw in a few extras. 

So please tell your friends.  Blog about it.  Facebook about it.  I currently do not have a webpage, so the facebook page is the best way to stay abreast of new products being offered in the boomerang jane range - which includes bags, soy candle products and a soon-to-be-released children's book. (I say soon-to-be-released in a very general "no, I don't have a publisher as yet" kind of way, and "haven't sent my manuscript to very many people, but I will pull my finger out again very soon and some one will snap my book up very soon" kind of way!) 

I will announce the winner on the facebook page and the blog.
  I will try and contact winners by email where possible, but If you know the winner, feel free to give them a heads up to contact me.

If you can think of something I've missed, please let me know.  I haven't gone the official channels and organised government paperwork and a competition number, but I trust you all trust me to do my best to be fair, just and honourable.  

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Announced 20 June 2011

Congratulations to the very lovely Kate Says Stuff who won first prize in the comp.
Muddled Up Mumma also won a prize of one bag.

Keep commenting on future blogs posts or over at the facebook page in the coming months folks, and i will randomly pick more lovely people to share the joys of the Sunny Daze Bag.

Thanks for entering.


  1. Please let me know via the facebook page if you are having trouble commenting. You can leave a comment on the facebook page and I will count that as an entry instead.

  2. Woot woot!! I love a competition. The next bag has got to be blue and purple (with a dash of hot pink). But I guess that isn't very masculine ... Has Sunny Daze been photographed in Hawaii yet? I am thinking I might take one to Waikiki with me ...

  3. Sunny Daze (or Jane as she is affectionately known)has been to Vietnam, Thailand, most major cities in Australia (including up Mt Kosiosko! thanks for that) and the East Coast of America. She has not been to Hawaii, and doesn't she look the part already so shiny and bright...she'll fit right in. Perhaps you can get a photo of her lying on Waikiki Beach soaking up the sun. We would love to see a photo of her (and the family too) on the facebook page.

    Did you have any trouble posting your comment Leanne? I have found if I press Preview first, then sign in, it seems to let me post. For some unknown reason the Post Comment button is not working upfront. Any peeps out there had this problem before? Please head to the boomerang jane facebook page and share tips. Thanks, Kylee xx

  4. Hiya!

    I can't seem to dm you on FB, could you possibly email me ?

    Thanks and yay :)

  5. Unique? One of a Kind? Looks like a fabulous prize thank you. I think anything bright and happy would be a great design.


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